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Privacy policy Your privacy is important to us

Privacy policy Individual information preparing a strategy 

1. General Provisions 

This individual information handling strategy has been drawing up as per the necessities of the Federal Law of July 27, 2006. No. 152-Фз “On Personal Data” and decides the method for handling individual information. And measures to guarantee the security of individual information taken by Tec Raza alluded to as the Operator. 

1.1.The most huge goal and condition for the execution of its activity the acknowledgment of human. And social freedoms and openings in the planning of his data. also Including the affirmation of the rights to security, individual and extraordinary sort of riddle.

1.2. This current Operator’s strategy concerning the handling of individual information. The Policy applies to all data that the Operator can acquire about guests to the site 

2. Fundamental ideas utilized in the Policy 

Privacy policy

2.1. Robotized preparing of individual information – handling of personal detail utilizing PC innovation; 

2.2. Hindering of individual information – impermanent end of the handling of personal detail. (aside from situations where preparing is core to explain personal data); 

Privacy policy

2.3. Site – a bunch of realistic and data materials, just as PC projects and information bases. Guaranteeing their accessibility on the Internet at the organization address; 

2.4. Data arrangement of individual information – a bunch of personal information contained in data sets. And giving their preparing of data innovations and specialized methods; 

2.5. Depersonalization of individual information – activities because of which it is difficult to decide. Without the utilization of extra data, the having a place of personal information. To a particular User or another subject of personal detail; 

2.6. Handling of individual information – any (activity) or a bunch of activities (tasks) performed utilizing. Computerization apparatuses or without use of such devices with information. Including assortment, recording, systematization, collection, stockpiling, explanation (update, change), extraction, use, move (dissemination. Arrangement, access), depersonalization, impeding, erasure, the elimination of individual information; 

Privacy policy

2.7. Administrator – a state body, metropolitan body, lawful or regular individual. also Autonomously or together with different people coordinating and additionally doing the preparing of individual information. also Just as deciding the motivations behind handling personal detail. also The creation of personal data to be prepare, activities (tasks) performed with private data; 

2.8. Individual information – any data relating legitimately or by implication to a particular or recognizable User of the site; 

2.9. Client – any guest to the site; 

2.10.Also Arrangement of individual information – activities pointed toward revealing personal detail to someone in particular or a specific hover of people; 

Privacy policy

2.11. Awareness of private detail – any activities pointed toward revealing personal detail to an uncertain hover of people. (move of personal data) or an associate with the limitless number of people. Remembering the exposure of personal detail for the media. Posting in data and media transmission organizations or giving admittance to personal data in some other manner; 

2.12. The cross-fringe move of individual information – move of personal detail to the domain of an unfamiliar state to the authority of the unknown province, to undefine individual or legitimate element; 

2.13.Also Pulverize of private data any exercises since of which personal data is devastated forever.Also With the inconceivability of advance reestablishing the substance of personal data within the private data information system. also And also fabric transporters of person data are pulverizing. 

3. The Operator can deal with the accompanying individual information of the User 

3.1. Complete Name; 

3.2. Email address; 

3.3. Telephone numbers; 

3.4. Photographs; 

3.5. The website likewise gathers and cycles anonymized information about guests (counting treats). Utilizing Internet insights administrations (Yandex Metrica and Google Analytics others). 

4. Motivations behind preparing individual information 

4.1. The motivation behind preparing the User’s information informing the User by sending messages; end, execution, and end of commons agreements; furnishing the User with admittance to administrations, data, and materials contained on the site

4.2. Additionally, the Operator has the option to send the User warnings about new items and administrations, also unique offers, also and different occasions. The client can generally decline to get educational messages by sending an email to the Operator with the note “Refusal of warnings about new items and administrations and uncommon offers. 

4.3. Anonymized User information gathered utilizing Internet insights administrations are used to collect data about the activities of Users on the webpage, improve the nature of the website and its substance. 

5. Legitimate reason for the preparing of individual information 

5.1. The Operator measures the User’s information just on the off chance that it is filled and sent by the User also freely through extraordinary structures situated on the site By rounding out the proper and sending his information to the Operator, also the User concurs with this Policy. 

5.2. The Operator measures anonymized information about the User if it is permitting in the settings of the User’s program (the capacity of treats and the utilization of JavaScript innovation are also empowered). 

6. The method for gathering, putting away, moving, and different sorts of handling of individual information 

The security of individual information handled by the Operator is guarantee through the execution of legitimate, authoritative, also and specialize measures to completely consent to the necessities of the current enactment in the field of individual information assurance. 

6.1. The administrator guarantees the security of individual information and takes all potential measures to also avoid admittance to the personal details of unapproved people. 

6.2. The User’s information will never, under any conditions, move to outsiders, also besides in cases identified with the usage of the current enactment. 

6.3. In case of errors in close to home information, also the User can refresh them freely by sending a notice to the Operator at the Operator’s email address checked “Refreshing personal details.

6.4. The time frame for handling individual information is limitless. The client can whenever deny his agreement to the handling of personal detail by sending a warning to the Operator using email to the Operator’s email or stamped “Withdrawal of agreeing to the preparing of individual information.

7. Cross-outskirt move of individual information 

7.1. Also Before beginning the cross-outskirt move of individual information, or the administrator is obliged to ensure that the unfamiliar state. To or whose domain it should move individual information, also gives dependable insurance of the privileges of subjects of personal detail. 

1.1.The most huge goal and condition for the execution of its activity the acknowledgment of human. And social freedoms and openings in the planning of his data. Including the affirmation of the rights to security, individual and extraordinary sort of riddle. 

8. Last arrangements 

8.1. The client can get any explanation on issues of interest for the preparing of his information. By reaching the Operator utilizing 

8.2. This also report will mirror any adjustments or in the individual information handling strategy by the Operator. Also The arrangement is substantial inconclusively or until supplanted with another rendition. 

8.3. The current rendition of the Policy is unreservedly accessible on the Internet at